Grouse Shooting

Walked up grouse shooting over pointers has traditionally played a major part in the sporting activities on Suisgill, with records dating back to the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century indicating that the estate produced up to 1,500 brace per season and, as recently as 1981, 721 brace were shot.

In recent years, however, the red grouse stocks have begun to dwindle and over the last 10 years little or no grouse shooting has been carried out on the estate, the preference being to preserve numbers rather than shoot them.

A continuing programme of controlled heather burning, gritting and vermin control has now been put into action to try to restore grouse levels on the estate and recent counts have seen some young broods and an increase in numbers so we hope to reintroduce in grouse shooting in the near future.  For details, please email us at