Suisgill ‘Perfect for a Sporting Break’ According to The Field Magazine

In the June 2013 issue of The Field, Alexandra Henton lists the top places to stay for a perfect sporting break, and Suisgill appears high up in the list of Scottish estates.

“Finding fishing on the Helmsdale can be like finding gold”, she says.  “Luckily, if you stay at Suisgill you can fish the river and pan for gold.  Be advised, however, that the real gold is to be found at the end of a rod.”

Salmon fishing on the River Helmsdale

Pot of Gold at Baile an Or

Not the best photo, granted, but I was rather tickled to see that the end of this rainbow fell in Kildonan Burn at Baile an Or, site of the Great Sutherland Gold Rush of 1869.  I’m off to find my pot of gold!

Pot of Gold at Baile an Or